Student Activities

Student Activities works to provide experiences that enhance the learning environment and contribute to a sense of community among students at MECC. 学生活动赞助校园活动, 举办实地考察到当地的兴趣点, 提供教育以提高生活质量, 并支持学生领导和公民参与.

Student Clubs & Organizations

所有俱乐部都对MECC在读学生开放. Most organizations have membership qualifications; see below for more information. 推荐几个靠谱的买球网站办公室, 位于霍尔顿大厅, is responsible for coordinating and implementing the policies and procedures pertaining to the operation of campus organizations and activities.

The student diplomat program is a group of talented student leaders who represent MECC in a variety of ways. Student Diplomats provide support within student services and are granted many leadership opportunities on campus. Students are also engaged in diverse activities and community service projects that encourage teamwork, cooperation, 诚信与职业行为. 资格要求:

  • 最低平均绩点3.0(首次入学的学生可获豁免)
  • 候选人必须注册至少6个学期学分
  • 愿意承诺至少一个学期的商定时间表
  • Be willing to adhere to the Diplomat Dress Code and present a well-groomed and professional appearance and attitude

申请于5月1日至7月1日接受. Faculty Advisor: Dale Lee

The 工程科技社 provides students with the chance to learn more about engineering technology outside of the classroom. 组织召开会议, plan field trips, social events, 参与社区服务, hold fundraisers, and work on projects. Faculty Advisor: Jake Gilly

Serves to promote awareness of local environmental issues within our communities and give students the opportunity to work in the field during club projects. 俱乐部成员聚在一起到当地的小溪/河流清理垃圾和碎片. 我们还将在鲍威尔河项目上做一些工作,比如种植幼苗. The 环境科学 club meets in the 环境科学 Lab at 12:15 on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Faculty Advisor: Chuks Ogbonnaya

The 同性恋异性恋联盟 strives to foster a more accepting campus for all students, 无论他们的性取向或性别认同如何, through education, support, social action, and advocacy. Schools can be truly safe only when every student is assured of access to an education without fear of harassment, violence, or ridicule. Ultimately, 我们努力将所有性取向的人聚集在一起, be they straight, homosexual, 双性恋或变性者, 我们相信人人生而平等. 欲了解更多信息,请联系学院顾问:

Healing Hands is a student organization incorporated into the Practical Nursing program. 疗愈之手的使命是加强同情心的传递, quality health care by providing students with opportunities to obtain knowledge, technical skills, 以及领导力发展. The goal of Healing Hands is to also promote the awareness of self and each other’s role in the community. Faculty Advisor: Lena Whisenhunt

MECC offers flag football in the fall from September to the first week of November. The flag football season ends with the Battle of the Borders Flag Football Tournament at UVA-Wise, 与其他近20所学校竞争. MECC also has basketball in the spring, which culminates with the MECC Intramural Tournament. MECC还参加了服务区域的各种篮球比赛.

LIFE Campus Ministries is a Bible study that brings light to God’s availability to our every need and His willingness to be our Father and closest companion. Advisors: Ashley Mabe and Shannon Fritts

MECC学生退伍军人组织致力于参与管理, faculty, staff and local veterans support services to improve the educational experience for all MECC student veterans and their families. 所有注册的退伍军人都可以成为会员, service members, faculty, 以及MECC的退伍军人. 毕业的会员将被授予校友会员身份. 学生退伍军人将受到友谊的欢迎, support, and access to resources that will not only enhance their educational experience but will provide social and cultural awareness opportunities that will last a lifetime. Faculty Advisor: Lena Grace

功绩是一个俱乐部的学生接受呼吸护理计划. MERiTs participates in fundraising activities and community service activities to raise awareness of health promotion within our school community and the regional community as a whole. MERiTs is the organizing and sponsoring student club for the four annual blood drives at MECC and raises money for other community projects as the need arises. Requirements for membership: Accepted students currently enrolled within the Respiratory Therapy Program. 欲了解更多信息,请联系学院顾问: Wes Mullins.

Phi Theta Kappa是两年制大学的国际荣誉协会. 荣誉学会会员资格只接受邀请. Invitations for PTK are automatically emailed by  the PTK advisor in the Fall and Spring. 要获得邀请,学生必须满足以下要求:

  • 参加副学士课程
  • 参加选定的证书课程,并注册六个学分.
  • 完成12个学分,成绩为3.5 or higher GPA
  • Complete a membership application and pay the one-time membership fee to the International Headquarters
  • Maintain a 3.成为Phi Theta Kappa会员后,平均绩点达到0分或以上

Phi Theta Kappa participates in numerous activities revolving around its four hallmarks: leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and service. 以前的活动包括回收和“绿色”倡议, 毕业完成项目, 乳腺癌宣传活动, Relay for Life, 促进小学生识字, 并为该地区的贫困儿童购买圣诞礼物. Trips include regional Phi Theta Kappa conferences and the International Phi Theta Kappa Conference. Major scholarship initiatives include the All Virginia and all USA Academic Teams. Phi Theta Kappa advisors can also assist students in locating scholarships to transfer institutions. 许多大学提供学术奖学金来表彰社团成员. 奖学金机会可在  Graduating Phi Theta Kappa members may purchase the honors regalia to wear at graduation and also receive the Phi Theta Kappa seal on their diplomas. Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dale Lee

Phi Beta Lambda is an organization that inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders. 每年,FBLA-PBL帮助超过23万名会员为商业生涯做好准备. PBL的课程重点是:领导力发展, 学术比赛, Educational Programs, Membership Benefits, Community Service, and Awards & Recognition.”
欲了解更多信息,请联系学院顾问: Phil Edwards.

The Rho Nu Nursing Club primarily focuses on raising money for nursing scholarships and participating in occasional community service activities. 学生必须被MECC护理课程录取才能成为小组成员.  Faculty Advisors: or

The 学生会协会 (SGA) provides ways and means for the betterment for MECC and its students through the advancement of leadership and scholarship.  学生会协会 is open to every student who is enrolled in a class at MECC. Faculty Advisor: Wes Mullins

微笑协会是DA课程的一部分.  Our goal is to increase patient literacy and promote good oral health habits through community service.  Students have participated in community events and several school-based programs (e.g., STEM演讲,2月份全国儿童牙齿健康月).  对牙科预科感兴趣的学生(任何级别:博士预科), dental hygiene, 或助理),欢迎参与, and community members are welcome to contact us for involvement in their organization or event.

If you are interested in starting a club or would like additional information, please email